WE'll FIGHT AGAIN   A Song By Killer Queen 



Killer Queen are just one of a whole legion of unofficial Queen tributes that are now off the road and waiting this out.  This video is their gift to the fans who are waiting along with them.

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Lead singer Patrick Myers dusted down his own personal tribute to Queen  he wrote awhile back .  It's been partially re-recorded , remixed and spring cleaned during lockdown.   Aside from being a song celebrating the most extraordinary  rock band on the planet, it's also a song about staying strong when things get crazy and promising a return.

So Killer Queen have recorded this video during lockdown for you.   It's a little different for a tribute . This is the band both in and out of costume in various tidied up corners and darkened garages.  Hopefully it will raise a smile or two.


Stay safe everyone.


( Killer Queen are not authorised or endorsed by Queen or any affiliates)