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As it began...

Killer Queen formed back in June 1993. Their first public shows were at London University, following in the footsteps of the real Queen who had played their first shows there 22 years earlier.  
By 1995 Killer Queen's UK popularity had grown to such an extent they secured a residency in London's Strand Theatre attracting nationwide BBC coverage - the first tribute to have a show in the West End .
Even though the band never had any connection to Queen officially their reputation continued to grow both in the UK and abroad. In 1999 they returned from a tour of and Europe and Russia for an awards ceremony in Leicester Square, hosted by Suggs from Madness. He announced they had won the award for “Worldwide Best Tribute Band”
The band also scored a number one hit when they they were asked to recreate Queen's harmionies for “The Real Life” with Fatboy Slim in 2001.
Killer Queen toured into their second decade, the audiences grew. In 2005 they played AhoyStadium, where the reformed Queen would be performing only a few months later.
The next year Killer Queen joined forces with Bjorn Again and The Bootleg Beatles for a Waverly Stadium show in Edinburgh. It was this performance that led to the band being selected to represent Queen in a re-staged tribute Live-Aid concert held by Sir Bob Geldof. They performed with him at his arena charity concert to raise funds for the homeless.
2009 saw a triumphant return to a sold out Ahoy stadium with their acclaimed “Queen Spectacular”production and another award, this time from Sweden's Vasteras concert hall  “Best Concert of The Year 2009”.
2013 saw them performing in another one of Queen's former venues, The Brighton Centre, to celebrate their 20th Anniversary.

In 2016 Killer Queen took the show to America  at The Red Rocks Arena in Colorado – one of the countries most prestigious venues – The Beatles, Springsteen, U2 have all played thereFamily Arena's and prestige venues such as Austin City Limits are now regular stops on the Killer Queen USA  itinerary . 

Fast forward to 2023 and the band have sold out Red Rocks and Austin City Limits many times over and are now in high demand all over the world, 

Killer Queen's  Xmas Arena show is now playing at Glasgow, Aberdeen, Leeds, 
 Nottingham and Cardiff with more dates planned for Europe.
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